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Exchange Fic

Have just had a revelation about my exchange fic, thanks to redskyatnight76   , and a link to this very NSFW picture: www.neoromantika.com/close%20up/11.html.

I now have a basic plot, and just need to do some further research on the setting, then I am all set to go!


More books

So far this year, I've mostly been reading romance, with a small side of YA.   www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com have given some good recs recently, and I've been pleasantly surprised at how much I've enjoyed them.

How I Met My Countess, by Elizabeth Boyle has a heroine that is capable of flooring a man with a punch, picking their pocket and cracking any safe to reveal all their secrets.  She also helps her father train England's spies against Napoleon.  When the Earl of Clifton and his half-brother are sent to be trained by her father, Lucy is initially sceptical that he will be of any use whatsoever, but is convinced otherwise as his training proceeds.  Once she realises her true feelings for him, she is determined that he will be the best spy the country has so that he can return and make her his Countess.  After once magical night together, Clifton is sent abroad, never to contact Lucy again. The book begins seven years later, with Clifton re-entering Lucy's life.  It was refreshing to have a female character that was more than just a pretty face with a willful streak, as is so often the case in regency romances.  Lucy is misunderstood by most of the people around her, and is looked down on by society or her low birth even after making a good marriage, but she stays true to her beliefs and never forgets the people she knew growing up.  There are some strong secondary female characters too, and there are to be further books featuring them.

Courtney Milan's Proof by Seduction has had a fair amount of hype, which is, for the most part, well-deserved.  Again, the heroine is not typical, being 30 and a fortune teller, and the hero is somewhat unlikeable in the beginning, but true to the genre, they muddle through and live happily-ever-after in the end.  Wicked Little Game by Christine Wells has more ups and downs than an uppy downy thing - set around an indecent proposal made by Lady Sarah's husband to the Marquis of Vane, who has lusted after her for years.  He refuses the offer, but Brinsley, knowing that the attraction is mutual, tells Sarah that he owes Vane money and that they will be destitute if she doesn't sleep with him.  She goes to plead with Vane to not call in the debts, but confusion reigns and each think that they are being seduced by the other until they fall into bed.  Returning home the next morning, she finds her husband dying from a gunshot wound and is arrested for his murder.  Should she say where she was and be ruined forever, or say nothing and stand trial?  The book has a sort-of mystery as a secondary story, but really neither romance nor mystery were strong enough, and the misunderstandings between Sarah and Vane made me want to shake the pair of them.  

I think I have romance burn-out now, and need to read something else for a while - they are all starting to seem the same.

Charlie Higson's  The Enemy is the first in a new YA series set in London after everyone over the age of 14 has been infected by a mysterious disease and the lucky ones are dead.  Those that remain are zombie-like and feeding off the kids that they can catch.  The surviving kids have banded together in Waitrose on Holloway Road, with a rival gang in Morrison's, and live by scavenging the surrounding area for food, fighting off the roaming bands of grown-ups as they go.  With food becoming scarce and the grown-ups starting to show some signs of intelligence and organisation, things look bleak until a sole messenger arrives with word of a large camp of children in Buckingham Palace.  The rival gangs decide to join forces and travel through London to see if there really is a safe place for them all.  This was a very enjoyable, if at times brutal, read - partly because I used to live just off Holloway Road and could really picture where they were - and I look forward to the next in the series with bated breath.

After marathon reading, I am wibbling about whether or not to sign up for the exchange.  I have one good prompt, so will have to see if I can come up with any more this week.

I hope everyone is well and happy, and that the weather has improved for those that have been knee-deep in snow.


Happy Birthday to...

 lillithj   and, of course Severus Snape.  Hope you have a great day, lillithj  , and that your year ahead is filled with love and happiness,


Vetinari Smut???

As tradition dictates, I got the new Pterry book for Christmas, and read it the day after Boxing Day.  I loved it, as usual, and it had a verrry sexy Patrician in it, so does anyone know where I can find some Vetinati smut?


Happy belated birthday to...

Scoffy and ayerf. Hope you had a great day

Now the pleasentries are over, a complaint - guests are shit!

They bring 9 year old kids that have never heard the word no in their entire lives and then expect the whole world to revolve around them and their demon spawn.

Not in this house!!!!!

Apart from that, we've had a great time and look forward to speaking to you all in the New Year


Things I love about Australia

Going out on the jetski and seeing dolphins!!!!

Things I hate about Australia.... a hangover in 32deg heat and high humidity is hell on earth!

Thanks to all for my snowflake cookies - it was a nice suprise to wake up to.


A gift for Shiv

I was having trouble attaching this pic to my comment in your lj, so here it is:

I"m sure he was blond, but I got distracted!Collapse )

Hope it cheers you up, and that all your housing struggles are sorted soon.


Killer Unicorns

Its been a while since I last posted, but I have been lurking well. I've been reading and looking after a sickly husband and helping my brother and s-i-l move house and prepare for bub number 2.

I have caught up with a number of books I've been meaning to read for a long time - Georgette Heyer especially - and re-reading some old favourites. There have also been some good new books, as I am steadily working my way down that 'to-read' pile.

Rampant, Diana PeterfreundCollapse )

Ben Elton, MeltdownCollapse )
Sharp Shooter, Marianne DelacourtCollapse )


Is this the world we want???


This post made me cry.  Regardless of whether you agree with gay marriage or not, the situation that this same-sex couple found themselves in has to be unacceptable.  No-one should die alone, and through the bigotry of the state and hospital, that is exactly what happened here. 

Go.  Read.  If you are in Washington, vote.


That Meme - you know the one...

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What's your earliest memory? Crawling upstairs to my bedroom.  The stairs were very steep and my bed had a turquiose candlewick bedspread on it - hey it was the 70s.

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